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How Earth Culture Is Making An Impact & Giving Back

Our 5% Donation Program

We at Earth Culture believe in giving back, making an impact, and contributing (in a positive way) to the earth and it's inhabitants. We truly believe that even the smallest contribution can make the biggest difference. 5% of the profit from every item in our "5% Program" will be donated to related charities & organizations categorically based on the items design, relevance and/or purpose. 

We feel that every business & brand should contribute back to the world in some way, shape, or form, but sadly this isn't the case. We refuse to be just another faceless brand with no purpose other than making money. Now we can't say we aren't for profit as well, but we are also for giving back. As we grow, we want the world to grow too. 


Our Fight Against Hunger

Earth culture is proudly owned and operated in the USA. Not only do we plan to service the United States of America but also the world as a whole, corner to corner it is the Earth culture mission to make an impact everywhere. We understand that hunger is and has been a never-ending problem for many in the world. We Believe that with the technology and advancements that we have made in the 21st century, anything is possible, even solving world hunger. Our Roots were started in the USA and we aim to focus our efforts to donate towards feeding Americans and ultimately assisting in world wide hunger efforts.

Our Planting Life Program

As we use our Earth's precious resources, it is crucial that we replace what we use. It is even better if we replace MORE than what we use thus creating more of an abundance in the future. Our planting life program is all about making an impact for future generations and giving back to our environment to assist in sustainability. A key way we will contribute is by planting trees around the world when you shop items that are in our planting life program. This program will also constitute other ways of giving and contributing towards recycling, re-using, and creating resource sustainability.


Below we've compiled a list with some of the charities and organizations that we plan to work with. The list is not definitive and is open to change. Our future outlook includes working with even more charitable organizations as we grow our reach and viable efforts to make a difference. 


Click On Any Organization Below To Go Directly to Their Homepage

Feeding America

No Kid Hungry

Global Giving

One Tree Planted

The Nature Conservancy


National Forest Foundation

World Land Trust


Ocean Conservancy

The Ocean Cleanup


Coral Reef Alliance

Sea Shepherd

Support Our Troops

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Operation Homefront

Wounded Warrior Project

Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Campaign

Women For Women International 


The Humane Society Of The United States

Animal Welfare Institute

World Wildlife Fund

National Alliance On Mental Illness

National Alliance To End Homelessness

Stomp Out Bullying 


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